it's a varied life...

soldier, lawyer, art consultant, life model, the list goes on...

Rewind to 2011 and I found myself in the back of a lorry.

I had broken my back training for a military horse race and as a result my military service was over and I gave up my legal career.  An old buddy and I established a luxury travelling art gallery and consultancy exhibiting well known and emerging contemporary talent at many of the UK’s most prestigious events and locations.

With art consultancy at the heart of the gallery’s services we sourced works for private and corporate clients.

My insatiable curiosity of the artistic process led me to deep dive into life modelling, for photographers, sculptors and painters, giving me an intimate insight into the many aspects of the art industry and those involved.

but the desert called...

It was a wonderful period of time with fond memories and meeting wonderful characters but everything has its time and I moved on from the gallery. Aimlessly. Not knowing what I was doing or where I was heading I met a chap who showed me an ancient arrowhead from The Empty Quarter. 

The seed was sown and the pull to the Middle East was too strong to ignore, though I did go via rural France to care for a blind dog and herd of horses on the way. 

My ongoing passion project is a feature length cinematic documentary. Filmed walking through the World’s largest sand desert, the Empty Quarter, on the Arabian Peninsula for 28 days with a team of men and women from the East and West. I am working with an award winning team co-directing and producing the film for release in late 2021.


There’s a lot more padding but that will have to wait for the book that I am rewriting over and over again.

Now I comfortably, and somewhat obsessively, escape to do a different place with my camera patiently exploring and observing man, machines and moments for art, lifestyle, sport, and documentary, again for private and corporate clients alike.  

Partnered with a Cornishman I’m fortunate to have the Atlantic Ocean a walk away and draw peace and inspiration from it every day I’m there. Having family with a great interest in historic cars and living in the motorsport capital of the uk, ironically there is no escaping the auto world, but I’m ok with that! 

Photography and film are the records of our lives when we are long gone.

Preserving legacy, beauty and romance is where my motivation lies and with that I bring to you my luxury lifestyle collection featuring my fine art photography.  

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