The Art of Motion

Bespoke Commissions

In the Studio

Dance like no-ones watching.

black and white dancer
historic race car in black and white

By the Track

The sounds, the smells, the vibrations and the energy of the race track. There's no place quite like to excite the senses. On the pit wall, in the garages, document your time behind the wheel and create your legacy.

At the Stables

The raw unadulterated power of equus. Is there an animal as majestic and as symbolic of freedom and strength as the horse. I for one will forever be in awe of these animals; their essence is pure magic and should be immortalised in art.

racehorse walking back from the paddock

By the Water

Feel the freedom, embrace the vast expanse of the sea, wherever you are, whatever you do, surf, sail or swim, let's saviour the moment and make it live on.

At your Party

Lavish parties must be remembered by lavish, evocative and emotive imagery. Time, light, texture, imagination and your guests will be my artistic guides.
I don't simply click - I seek and create.

girl with a headress on


Absolutely! It’s a joy for me to discover new places with you.

That’s your choice. I love to share my work and our work. But if you prefer to keep it private that’s no problem. 

I shoot emotion, connection, passion, dedication and motion in monochrome. 

For fine art monochrome is my specialism. That doesn’t mean only black, white and grey. It could be red, but all tones of red. I like minimal colour that calms the mind. My imagery is about richness within simplicity. I want them to soothe yet excite. 

I seek texture in movement through light and time play. 

My reportage work is a combination of colour and black and white.

The demands of each event or commission is so very different that we can discuss this.

All options are open, our imaginations are our limit; from silk scarves, kaftans or gowns, to  cashmere, leather or a personalised fine bone china dinner set!

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