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The Art of motion silk kaftans

My series The Art of Motion is the embodiment of romance, escapism and movement. They must be worn, the images need to move. The wearer will enjoy the feeling that these images convey. I feel compelled to create silk kaftans for those that want to go from lounging to lunching in one dynamic outfit. Made from exceptional silks and organic linen and cotton fabrics to tantalise us viscerally.

Simplicity and handcrafted garments are important to me. Designs inspired by ancient designs from the Far East which used only rectangles. Not only is this simple, it means little to no waste, which is important. It is also a design challenge which I look forward to embracing beyond the kaftan as my line expands and develops. In Switzerland earlier this year photographing classic cars for Scuderia Classiche I had the pleasure of meeting a couture glove maker from Naples, Gala Gloves. Four generations of glove makers in this family run business. This exchange confirmed the importance of artisan, handcrafted quality goods. This will be a priority for the Janey McGill brand and it’s legacy. Celebrating the artisan, their skills whilst still embracing technology that can help us.

Designing a line takes a little time, consideration and experimentation to get it just right. To make it feel as good as it looks. The materials may feel delicate but they are paradoxically naturally robust and their construction must represent this, delicate, attractive yet strong. Development of the product is key and this is where I am at right now. Delving into the options I have open to me and developing them and pushing them a little further.

The vision is a ready to wear line, a personalised alternative and a completely bespoke option where a client commissions a photography session to be purposed into silk kaftans or other such garments.

I am documenting this process for others to be involved in this process, to enable transparency, to see where it began, where it will evolve too. Community is important to me, for mutual support, inspiration and sharing ideas for development. We can achieve so much more together.

I look forward to sharing my kaftans with you and until then why not see the process unfold.

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